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Cialis and the risk of heart attacks

Once scientists understand how one part of the body works, it’s quite easy how to predict what will happen in another part. This is particularly straightforward when you are dealing with something like blood vessels. A vein is a vein no matter where it is found in the body. So if you establish that eating a diet containing too much carbohydrate will cause a deposit of platelets on the walls of your blood vessels, this will apply throughout the body. You can’t pick and choose which vessels will be affected. Once the layer of platelets builds up, this is the start of the disease called artherosclerosis. If this goes untreated, the vessels will slowly lose their flexibility and the flow of blood will slow. Blood pressure will rise and there’s an increasing risk of stroke or heart attack.

One of the smallest arteries in the body is found in the penis. If this does not dilate and contract when instructed to do so by the brain, erectile dysfunction is the result. What affects the penile artery today, affects the blood vessels leading into and out of the heart within three to five years. So doctors are now calling erectile dysfunction in younger men the canary in the mine. It’s the warning the man affected should take immediate action. Now let’s be straightforward about this. There are a number of different possible causes for erectile dysfunction. Some are evidence of serious medical conditions. Others are less serious. With the exception of physical injuries to the spine or the groin area, all these underlying causes respond well to early treatment. So you have a direct incentive to consult a doctor for a full set of tests.

As the law currently stands, these tests may not be covered in your health plan or, if they are, there may be quite high co-payments. Nevertheless, it’s worth paying. As from 2012, the Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to pay for preventative treatment. The intention is to spend a little money in the early stages to avoid paying a large amount if conditions are allowed to become serious. Thus, tests to eliminate the serious underlying conditions like artherosclerosis should be covered as from next year. If treatable problems are discovered, you can receive the treatment needed to prevent them from becoming serious. This not only saves your life but also restores your quality of life as the use of the erectile dysfunction drugs will enable the resumption of sexual activity. Perhaps this is not yet one of the features of Obamacare you have picked up on but it should start saving lives soon.

Nothing here forces you to have a medical wellness check-up. If money is in short supply and you don’t have a health plan, the cheap solution is to buy Cialis online through one of the pharmacies offering a generic version of the drug. In the majority of cases, this will resolve the problem in the short term. However, don’t deceive yourself all is well. The fact Cialis is able to restore your sexual function doesn’t mean a heart condition is also cured. The erectile dysfunction drugs only treat one problem. It’s for a doctor to diagnose and treat the underlying cause.