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Cialis for recreational use?

Erectile dysfunction drugs have been a true blessing for millions of men all over the world when they first appeared on the market. Furthermore, drugs like Cialis have shown that it is possible to enjoy good erections without taking a pill every 5-6 hours, which is actually highly discouraged by most doctors. Cialis has been labelled as "the weekend pill" since its effects last for over 36 hours, which makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to have a great romantic weekend without worrying about erectile dysfunction. Since its first introduction in 2003, Cialis has grown to be the second most sold ED medication in the world surpassed only by Viagra and used by millions of ED patients every years. But at the same time, the recreational use of Cialis by men who don't have any erectile problems has also increased to considerable proportions. And it wouldn't be a problem if not for the complete uselessness of such an application and the significant health risks associated with drug's use in conjunction with other recreational substances.

Recreational use of Cialis is primarily observed younger men around the college age group. The reasons for this age group to try ED medication is rather obvious: this is exactly the age when sexual activity is very common but the factors affecting the quality of erection are still not being paid attention to. That's why young men who have experienced erectile issues due to stress, anxiety or alcohol abuse will think that they have actual ED problems and will use ED medications such as Cialis. Or they will even try to improve their sexual performance through the use of these drugs. Which certainly looks a bit silly to any specialist.

First of all, if you don't have any erectile problems using Cialis won't have any benefits for you. It's a drug that improves the quality of erection, which is rather useful for those who have poor erection quality, but completely useless for those who already have 100% erections. You just can't make an erection better if it's already perfect. And, in contrast to common belief, using Cialis won't make you more passionate or persistent in bed. It doesn't affect sex drive, stamina or other physiological factors associated with sexual activity. It will only aid in the formation of the erection and that's all. So you won't experience any improvements after taking Cialis unless you really have problems with the quality of your erection. Moreover, recreational use of ED drugs can pose a serious risk to your health if these drugs are mixed with other substances that are commonly used for recreational means.

Alcoholic drinks don't go very well with drugs like Cialis. First of all, alcohol significantly affects the cardiovascular system, which can have a negative effect on the quality of erection - a fact that is known by anyone who has ever tried to have sex while considerably drunk. However, alcohol may also increase the risk of side-effects associated with Cialis use, which isn't the best thing to experience while trying to enjoy sexual activity. Other recreational substances such as marijuana and other drugs should also be avoided when using Cialis, especially the type of street drugs known as "poppers". These drugs are similar in chemical composition to nitrate-based medications used for treating blood pressure problems, which are restricted from use with Cialis due to the potentially fatal side effects.

In other words, it would be better for you to simply avoid using Cialis for recreational purposes altogether not just because it's completely pointless and won't deliver any significant results, but also because it may be very dangerous for your health altogether. If you really need that your sexual performance isn't the best you can give, maybe it would be better to learn how to relax or read a few books on sex techniques rather than using Cialis. But if you really do have persistent problems with erection you should visit your doctor as soon as possible and get a proper treatment.