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Cialis and the problems caused by obesity

It's interesting to watch how the Tea Party argue for ever more reductions in the size of the central government. There seems to be an automatic assumption that no useful purpose is served by having federal agencies. Indeed, some argue more loudly than others, that the sovereign states should withdraw from the union and go it alone. No matter who has the right of this, one of the more important functions coordinated by the central government is healthcare. This monitors the current provision of every aspect of the service from training those wanting to join the various professions, to the number and location of hospitals, the types of drugs and treatments safe to use, and so on. At an international level, the World Health Organization has been warning of the rise in the number of people classified as clinically obese. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of our citizens are already obese. When costing the provision of services to deal with all the health problems of those who are overweight, this covers everything from reinforced wheelchairs, gurneys and beds to the different treatments. The United Health Group recently published a policy paper estimating that, by 2018, we would be spending more than 20% of our total budget on the obese. That's about $345 billion — a serious chunk of our national cash at a time when we're all so concerned about the deficit.

Why is all this relevant to erectile dysfunction? The answer from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is that lifestyle has a direct effect on sexual function. Ignoring the physical problems of the overweight in managing penetration, the volume of carbohydrates in the bloodstream usually mean that artherosclerosis is probable. This means erectile dysfunction is going to appear sooner rather than later. Up to this year, the research into the effect of weight loss on sexual function has focused on performance after bariatric surgery where the significant weight loss always produced a dramatic improvement in sexual performance.

This August sees research on a more modest scale, encouraging men diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and erectile dysfunction to diet. The results show any loss of more than 5% of body weight produces a lasting improvement in sexual performance. The men who participated in the study were monitored for a period of twelve months. There are two significant aspects to the findings. The first is the type of diet is irrelevant. The only factor of importance is the weight loss. The second is that, once the magic 5% loss is stabilized, the men were still showing improved sexual function when the study ended. The suggestion is therefore you will have better erections so long as you maintain the weight loss.

The advantage of this approach is you improve sexual performance and get a better quality of life by losing weight. If you can go on to lose more than 5%, it will also reduce the problem of Type 2 Diabetes and help avoid heart attacks. You could recover your hard erections by using Cialis. But why spend money on drugs when you can get the same result by just eating less? Obviously, should dieting be too big a challenge, Cialis will give you short-term relief, but note the limited timeframe. You decide what's best in the long run.