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Cialis – overcoming the causes of ED

Erectile dysfunction is a nightmare for most men, especially those who love being sexually active regardless of their age. This health condition has been around for the entire history of mankind and forced many healthcare specialists of the past to come up with various sometimes bizarre solutions for allowing the affected men to gain back their sexual abilities. But rarely did these solutions help with treating erectile dysfunction, simply because no one knew the actual causes behind this condition. It was always speculated that ED is connected to age, but there are a lot of younger males who suffer from this problem, as well as many older men who are very sexually active well in their 70s. So what are the actual causes for erectile dysfunction to occur.

Today, after extensive studies taken for the last several decades, the actual causes behind erectile dysfunction have been well documented and classified. Doctors distinct to major types of causes responsible for erectile dysfunction: psychological and physiological. Each of these factor types requires different approaches and methods of treatment. The most common psychological causes leading to ED include stress, depression, relationship problems, anxiety and mental illness. Physiological factors commonly responsible for impotence include such conditions as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, prostate cancer, heart diseases, substance abuse and medication side effects to name a few.

If erectile dysfunction is caused by physiological factors, they usually lead to the decrease of blood flow into the penis upon sexual excitement. The mechanisms are different in each case, but the effects are the same – there's not enough blood to keep up a strong and durable erection in the penis. Drugs like Cialis help overcome this problem by increasing the blood flow into the penis and are effective in the majority of cases when impotence is physically-induced. Another way to treat ED besides using pills like Cialis is eliminating the actual health condition at cause, but it certainly takes more time and effort to do that compared to simply taking pills on a regular basis.

In case the problem is caused by psychological factors then pills like Cialis won't help much, because the problem is usually in the arousal process or the psychological aspect of keeping up an erection. For such matters it is more effective to use behavioral therapy or even hypnosis. Sometimes, even a couple of sessions with a professional psychologist can have a very positive impact on the condition. And of course, by eliminating the psychological issues at the root of the erectile problem it is very likely that you won't suffer from ED anymore.

Keep in mind that it's up to your doctor to come up with the final diagnosis and find an effective treatment adequate to the cause behind your problem. Only a professional healthcare provider can make any prescriptions and recommendations concerning the use of any drugs or treatments. So if you confront with erectile problems it's not a signal for you to start taking Cialis right away, it’s a signal that it's time for you to pay your doctor a visit.