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Cialis: ordinary vs daily

There's no doubt that treating erectile dysfunction has become much easier this days. With the abundance of really effective drugs and their generic variations now anyone can get an adequate treatment for ED no matter where they are or for how long the problem was spoiling their intimate life. However, with so many drugs to choose from it may be a bit problematic to pick the right one, and some drug manufacturers don't make it any easier by introducing different forms of the same medication. We are talking Cialis right now and its two forms that have been confusing men for some years: regular and daily. Which form of Cialis is more effective and what are they used for exactly? Let's take a closer look at each form and learn their main benefits to answer this question.

Regular Cialis is a typical erectile dysfunction medication similar to Viagra and Levitra. These drugs make part of the same drug class called PDE-5 inhibitors and thus share the same mechanism of action. When you take Cialis its main active element stimulates the activity of special enzymes, which are responsible for producing an erection, and inhibits the activity of other enzymes, which are responsible for returning the penis into its normal state after ejaculation. In ED patients the delicate balance of these enzymes is affected by numerous factors and as a result, the quality of erection is significantly decreased. With the help of Cialis, however, it is restored for some time, and when comparing Cialis to other similar drugs it certainly leads the charts according to duration of effects.

Cialis has long been the topic for discussion among ED drug users because of its unparalleled effectiveness. The effects of Cialis can last for up to 36 hours, with a newer version promising even 72 hours of perfect erections. When you compare it to the ordinary 5-6 hours delivered by other ED medications, it becomes apparent why so many people choose Cialis these days and why it has earned the nickname The Weekend Pill. All you need to do is take it just once when needed and enjoy up to two days of solid and durable erections without worrying about their quality.

Now that's where the main difference between ordinary and daily Cialis lies. Ordinary Cialis is designed for random use only when required by the patient, while the number of intakes shouldn't be more than once per 24 hours. Otherwise the concentration of the drug in the bloodstream will be too high, which may result in serious side effects. With daily Cialis the situation is a bit different, because - as you probably guessed from its name - it is designed to be taken daily. But what's the point of taking a drug daily, you may ask? And won't it cause side-effects too?

The concentration of active elements in daily Cialis is much lower than in its regular form, so taking it on a daily basis won't cause any problems. The dosage is designed in such a way so that the concentration of the drug in the bloodstream when taking it regularly would be the same as in the case of regular Cialis several hours after the initial intake. That's why the overall effectiveness of the two forms is usually the same when evaluating the quality of erections.

It's only a matter of convenience, really. Some men find it more convenient to take pills only when needed while others want to take Cialis together with their regular daily supplements or other medications and forget about it for the rest of the day. It's not that one form is better than the other in some way. In the end you get the same amazing results, only that they are delivered in a way that's more convenient for you personally.