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Cialis and drug sales in Pennsylvania

As you are almost certainly aware, a number of GOP-controlled states have been introducing pro-life bills to deter women from going through abortions. As federal law stands, states cannot simply ban abortions. That would require the repeal of Roe v Wade, a decision of the Supreme Court in 1973. So ingenious law-makers have been coming up with ever more barriers to put in the path of women who want to terminate a pregnancy. The latest proposals require an ultrasound test. In the early stages of pregnancy, this can be external. But, as the pregnancy advances, the probe must be inserted into the vagina to take precise readings. Thus, not only are the law-makers requiring doctors to carry out a procedure that's medically unnecessary, but they are also insisting the procedure be the most invasive possible. Not only women but a significant number of men think this is an abuse of law-making powers.

In Pennsylvania, State Senator Larry Farnese is proposing a bill to change the procedure men will have to go through to get a prescription for one of the erectile dysfunction drugs. The first step will be a full cardiac stress test to ensure you are fit enough to attempt sexual activity. This will be followed by a physical examination to see whether there are any signs of prostate cancer. The man will also have to produce an affidavit from his partner confirming the reality of sexual difficulties and, if there are no obvious physical causes, psychological counseling will be required.

All this is magnificently absurd but it has had the required effect. For better or worse, men are now seriously asking why anyone should have to go through unnecessary medical tests as a condition of obtaining a routine medical treatment. It does not matter whether you are male or female, the practice of medicine is for doctors and law-makers without medical expertise should stay out of the way. Unfortunately, this kind of stunt is unlikely to sway the GOP law-makers who are not interested in individual freedom of choice. All they want is to impose their own views on others. So the next time you go online to buy your Cialis, be grateful this bill is unlikely to pass. Even if something remarkable were to happen and enough votes were found, Cialis is still available online without a prescription.