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Cialis as part of the cure

If you are only interested in short-term relief, all you will want is the pills to "cure" the problem. In the majority of cases, this will produce the desired results, but time is not on your side. Even if you do go see a doctor, you're motivated to keep costs to a minimum so, apart from the usual tests for heart disease and diabetes, you will want to move quickly on to the pills. There's nothing absolutely wrong about this approach. After all, the pills will usually give you a solution to the problem. But a failure to really understand the causes can lead to later problems that will not be solved by the pills.

The difficulty is that men who only look for the pills or for something to stimulate their desire, are refusing the reassess themselves and their values. For example, as men age, continuing to drink large quantities of alcohol can reinforce the desire for sex but actually limit performance. Similarly, continuing to smoke accelerates the spread of artherosclerosis and will negate the benefit from the pills sooner rather than later. Some street drugs and others available on prescription may be limiting desire or lowering sexual responsiveness. All these can be "cured" by reducing the intake of the "drugs".

So let's be completely honest about erectile dysfunction. It affects the majority of men as they age. You might have been a sexual stallion when a teen but, as you approach your retirement, sex is likely to become more challenging. So a part of the treatment comes back to what "love" means to you. If it's purely sex, you may find your life increasingly unsatisfactory. But if you can find real pleasure in a loving relationship even though you may not be able to produce an erection, your life may be enriched. So instead of just buying and using Cialis, you should consider your values. Although you may not think it worth talking to a psychologist or counselor, you may actually learn something useful about yourself. Cialis can only treat one cause of erectile dysfunction, i.e. where your arteries are not dilating and contracting properly. If the causes for your frustration and general dissatisfaction with life are psychological, using a pill is not going to help you at all. The reality is that happiness arises only where two people are in a loving relationship.