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Cialis Articles

Cialis for recreational use?

Cialis is used by millions of men all over the world and some of them use it without actually needing it. Learn the truth about the recreational use of Cialis and the effects..

Cialis is just a part of the picture

Cialis is certainly a great medication to overcome erectile dysfunction with. But the picture is usually much broader and the use of Cialis is only a part of the solution to the problem.

Cialis: ordinary vs daily

Cialis is available in two forms that may seem like totally different drugs. But it's important to understand the difference between ordinary and daily use Cialis before you buy it.

Cialis - ED and the Age Correlation

Cialis can help treat the symptoms of ED, even if they are caused by age. But why does age and erectile dysfunction seem to go hand-in-hand? Our experts chime in.

Cialis and the problems that come when eating grapefruit

Cialis is a great drug but, if you eat the fruit or drink the juice of a grapefruit, the chances of an adverse reaction are high. Cialis and grapefruit do not mix.

Cialis Combats ED Risk Factors

This article looks at the various risk factors of erectile dysfunction and discusses treatment. Risk factors such as smoking and diabetes and treatments like Cialis are discussed.

Cialis and the problems caused by obesity

Erectile is only one of the many problems likely to increase because of the rising number of obese people. Cialis can only help a little. So instead of Cialis, men should lose weight.

Cialis as part of the cure

Cialis should not be relied on as the sole treatment for erectile dysfunction. A number of factors may be involved and Cialis only treats one of them.

Cialis and drug sales in Pennsylvania

Would you go through intrusive examinations to get Cialis if you lived in Pennsylvania? A State Senator is fighting the abortion bill by insisting Cialis should only be available after physical or psychological examination.

Cialis and the weight problem

Many men who are overweight are now discovering sex is difficult unless they take Cialis. Losing weight is too much to ask. Fortunately Cialis gets the job done.

Cialis and patents

Cialis will indirectly benefit from the litigation recently concluded against Teva to prevent the launch of a generic on to the US market. For now, Cialis only faces two full-price competitors.

Cialis and the risk of heart attacks

Erectile dysfunction in younger men is a warning sign of heart disease. Do not simply take Cialis. See a doctor. If heart disease is ruled out, Cialis will be appropriate.

Cialis and the new methods of marketing

There are new media for advertising Cialis and new regulations to comply with. It’s easy for manufacturers to make a mistake. So far, Cialis has avoided trouble.

Cialis – effective solution to ED

Cialis is by far the most effective medication for treating male impotence that you can get on the market. Learn how to get rid of erectile dysfunction with the help of Cialis and other helpful tips.

Cialis – the Weekend Pill

Cialis has become a very popular choice among men who want an effective and long-lasting solution for erectile dysfunction. Discover why Cialis has been nicknamed as the Weekend Pill by its users.

How to use Cialis for the best results?

Cialis may be the most effective drug for male impotence at the moment but it doesn't mean that its effectiveness can not be increased. Even by taking Cialis right you can get much better results.

Cialis – overcoming the causes of ED

Cialis is a very popular medication that help millions of men all over the world overcome their erectile problems regardless of the causes. But before using Cialis you should know what leads to male impotence.